​New Product Update: Introducing Sharing!

​You asked, we listened! Many of our users have requested a fast and easy way to share a BeenVerified report with another person. Well, thanks to one of our expert developers, Brian, you can now share any background check with trusted friends and family at no extra cost. So, if Mom wants to see who you met online, there are several easy ways to do that through Sharing:

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The Difference between Googling and a Background Check

We live in a Google society. Everyone is busy Googling other people. (Heck, Google is even considered a verb in the dictionary!) Searching people is not only acceptable in today’s culture, it is celebrated.  It has become so common place that some important ideas are often overlooked.

Search engines do a lot of things extraordinarily well, but people search is simply not one of them.  Think about it.  Search engines essentially spit back the information you are looking to verify in the first place.  If you want a more complete picture, you need access to 3rd party, objective, transparent sources that search engines simply do not provide. Can we step back and analyze this further?

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