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3 Situations When a Criminal Record Matters


Earlier this week we looked at when and why it matters if someone has a criminal record. We noted that this question would likely be answered differently by different people and in different contexts. A criminal record involving someone close to you is more pressing than knowing the down the street neighbor whom you’ve never actually met has one.

A background check can illuminate the situation.

A background check can illuminate the situation. Photo credit: Olga Reznik 

Here are three situations when knowing that someone has a criminal record might actually matter and how your awareness of the situation can improve your choices:

  1. A New Date

Getting things off on the right foot is important in a new relationship and it’s also important to know if a potential romantic partner is hiding anything crucial from you. If you get a funny feeling about an otherwise promising new romantic interest in your life, then consider running a background check to get peace of mind.

If you find past criminal activity of importance then at the very least, you know having a prompt conversation about past mistakes is important. At worst, you may find that that this person intends on hiding something important about him or herself from you.

  1. Anyone interacting with your children

You can’t watch your kids 100% of the time and there will be always be other adults in their lives, whether through a carpool to school, the parents of their friends, or even older friends that they meet through various activities.

If something doesn’t feel right to you, running a background check should be a no-brainer. We have had previous customers use our service to uncover criminal records and remove their children from potentially dangerous situations. The threats out there are real, and a background check can be an affordable and accessible first line of protection for your family. What you do with the knowledge is up to you.

  1. A neighbor or acquaintance 

While it’s impossible to check on the history of everyone you interact with, you should feel comfortable around people like next-door neighbors and anyone else in your close proximity. If a neighbor has a history of gun violations, for example, then maybe it’s a good idea to avoid having your children play near his yard.

The power of a background check is simply the power of information.

We hope you don’t find out anything questionable about your neighbor or new love interest, but having the power of that knowledge will certainly improve your chances of making more informed decisions, a key mission of ours when we started BeenVerified.


When Does it Matter if Someone Has a Criminal Record?


At BeenVerified, we make it easy for our customers to run detailed background checks which can provide a plethora of information from address history, social media profiles, known aliases and associates, among other useful facts about the person being searched. Taken together, this information can provide a richer picture of a little-known person and draw a sharper….or not, as the case may be.

When do criminal records really matter?

When do criminal records really matter?

One very common use of our background check service is to search for criminal record history. Customers can be motivated to do this for a number of valid reasons, many of which you can review on our Dos and Don’ts page here.  As we have covered extensively on this blog in the recent past, online dating has provided people with a means of meeting endless potential matches, but also a seemingly endless number of scams, too.

Some prolific online daters use BeenVerified’s background check service as a prerequisite for going on a first date in person. As one loyal customer wrote on our Facebook page, “I won’t date him if he hasn’t BeenVerified.”

There are many other reasons a criminal background check could be useful, or even essential. Many of these reasons could have to do with your children and any new people in their lives. One customer told us how, as a mother, she just had a “funny feeling” about one of the new parents carpooling her child to school. It turned out he was a registered sex offender.

Not all examples will be so dramatic, of course. Rather than any serious crime, that same mother could have spotted a history of speeding violations, which could have given her pause and at least served as a reason to have a conversation with the other parent. Yet, spotting speeding tickets on the record of a potential online date may not carry the same importance, particularly if the incidents are well in the past.

These types of nuances got us thinking: when and in what context do criminal records actually matter? A speeding ticket in one context could be dismissed by one person and yet be a deal breaker for someone else. Yet there are many other examples of when someone’s criminal record could also not be so black and white. An isolated error in judgment when someone was in college decades ago is surely not the same as a history of unreformed criminal behavior.

This week we will look at what drives people to search for criminal record information and when and why a criminal record may matter, whether with a potential new date, a neighbor, someone interacting with your child or anyone playing a significant role in your life.

What’s hiding in your background check?


A common use of’s background check service is the self-check. Sometimes concerned, but often just curious people will “BeenVerify” themselves to know what’s out there. Just as your doctor recommends self-examinations to monitor your physical health, so should you monitor and be aware of your online reputation. Simply put, you should know what’s in your public record.

SLC Minilypse-City Library

We’ll take a closer look at some of the following items that may show up in your own public record in future blog posts and what, if any, response might be appropriate. Here are some things you might find in your search:

1. Current and Historical Addresses is a popular destination for those looking to update their address books. Make sure your current residence is accurately listed in case old friends want to get back in touch. If you’re a homeowner, you may want to ensure your home’s vital statistics are listed accurately to ensure the correct value.

2. Criminal Records  We’ve covered how to interpret and understand criminal records in detail in the past. If you have a criminal record, there are ways to present yourself in the best possible light as we will examine in a future post. And remember, employers are barred from using BeenVerified to screen for employment or tenancy by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA).

3. Bankruptcies, tax liens and civil judgments All three of these events can appear in your public record. It’s important these events are updated to reflect current realities of your situation. For example, an unpaid tax lien can appear on your public record for ten years after the fact and affect credit decisions for years later. If there is an inaccuracy in your public record, then you should dispute it and get it corrected.

4. Social media accounts  You may not be overly concerned if your primary social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter show up as part of your public record, as they are usually intentionally left public. But what about that old MySpace or LiveJournal account? You may decide after running a self-check that it’s time to do a social media account clean up. We’ll go into detail on some of the best ways to do that in a future post.

5. Incomplete Information  Public records do not come from one data source but disparate sources across the country from different states and municipalities. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, it may because it’s not yet been digitised. In that case, you may be interested in learning more about BeenVerified’s court runner service.

Don’t stay curious–run a background check on yourself  now with and take action if needed.

If you’ve run a check on yourself and have questions let us know in the comments section below.


Understanding Individual Criminal Records

Now that you understand how court records are classified and why, you may need some assistance in navigating and analyzing the details of an individual record. Well, you came to the right place. If you still do not understand how criminal records are classified or perhaps need a refresher, please take a minute to read a full explanation of “Likely Matches” “Possible Matches” and “Not Likely Matches.” The following assumes that you are already comfortable with this material.

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Crim Record SS

Understanding How Criminal Records Are Classified

At BeenVerified, we get a lot of people asking us about how to analyze and understand the information presented from criminal records. Remember, criminal records come from over 500 counties around the country, each with a unique system for reporting. We wish there was one standard protocol across the country as well – Sigh…

Don’t worry, we are here to help. We thought it would be great to share a step-by-step breakdown of how exactly to read criminal records on BeenVerified. So read on and before you know it, you will be breezing through criminal records like you’re a regular Dick Tracy.

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